Haberdashery Clip Strip's

General Purpose Scissor

Handy scissor, ideal for everyday use.

Metallic Thread

Four key colours; Gold, Silver, Red & Green. Metallic threads are ideal for general sewing applications, creative crafting or embellishment projects.

Needle Compact

30 piece assorted sized needles popular for sewing, darning and tapestry, in an easy to store compact case.

Sewing Kit

All of the necessary sewing essentials for those travelling or for simple emergency sewing needs at home.

Safety Pin

Nickel plated pins, ideal for quilting, sewing, craft projects and a multitude of everyday tasks. 

Threaded Needle Kit

Compact ideal for those on the move emergency repairs.

To discuss this display option further please contact or telephone 01476 573227 quoting 'Haberdashery clipstrips' for our reference.


Haberdashery Clip Strip's

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