Mend, Repair & Alter

Hem with Hemming Web
How To: Turn a Hem with Hemming Web
Mend a Hole
How To: Mend a Hole
How To: Darn
Mend a Rip
How To: Mend a Rip
Sew a Button
How To: Sew a Button
Lengthened Trousers
How To: Lengthen Trousers
How To Insert a Zip
How To: Insert a Lapped Zip
Mend with Iron On Mender
How To: Mend a Rip or Hole Using Iron On Mender
Sew an Open Seam
How To: Sew an Open Seam
Use a Needle Threader
How To: Use a Needle Threader
How To Use A Stitch Ripper
How To: Use A Sticth Ripper


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