The Great British Sewing Bee: Episode 1

Korbond Industries

The first episode of The Great British Sewing Bee was a ‘top pick’ in a variety of different TV guides and we can now see why! The enjoyable show that follows the same format as ‘The Great British Bake Off’ saw the contestants undertake 3 tricky sewing challenges under intense time pressure.


With a mixed bag of contestants from different backgrounds the first challenge was to follow a pattern to make an A-line Skirt. It was quite a difficult opening test, and certainly set the pace of the show. With a full haberdashery of fabrics available it was great to see the individuality and the diverse array of fabrics used by each contestant. Although they were all nervous, they all seemed to pull the task off with varying degrees of success. The judges were both critical and helpful in their feedback of their sewing techniques and this made the contestants reflect on their performance.

The next task was to transform a high-street top by altering the neckline. All of the contestants had very distinctive ideas and the creativity they showed was second to none. This task was a case of keeping it simple, as some of the contestants designs proved to be a bit over ambitious. It just goes to show with some simple skills and a little bit of imagination you can take an off the shelf garment and customise it into a bespoke designer piece in minimal time.

The last challenge was to produce a made to measure dress for a live model. This was a very demanding challenge as tailored dressmaking takes time and effort, and the contestants only had 8 hours to complete the whole dress. All of the contestants felt the pressure in this task, however one of the male contestants really shined when completing this piece of work. He stated that he had never made a dress before, but showed that sewing should not be stereotyped to mainly women.

The show proved to be very popular on Twitter and was even trending at the time of it being aired. It will be interesting to see if the show captures the nation’s imagination. We can’t wait to see the next challenges the contestants face and are looking forward to sewing being put back where it should be…In the limelight!


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