New Knitting Needles & Accessories Range

Knitting Range

Korbond kick starts the New Year with the launch of their Knitting Needles & Accessories Range. It has been a busy year at Korbond, a year full of market research and new product development. The haberdashery and clothes care market continues to perform very well across existing core lines, but our customers and consumers continue to request items focused on crafting and in particular knitting.


As a whole the knitting category continues to perform well with strong growth each year. Knitting has always had a loyal consumer base, but in these recent economic times new consumers have taken up the hobby renewing enthusiasm, excitement and driving new trends across the category.

We are introducing a range of knitting needles in various sizes and materials, including bamboo, together with a variety of core knitting and essential accessories required to complete a knitting project. This full range will be launched at this year’s Craft, Hobby and Stitch International Tradeshow, alongside a selection of knitting bags and sewing baskets.

The introduction of our new knitting range will not only complement our current haberdashery range but also provide a greater product offering to our existing and new consumer in this global craft and hobby market.


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