How To Make A Handy Needle Case

How To Make A Gingham Needle Case

Downloadable Sewing Solution on how to make a handy Needlecase using an old gingham shirt is now avaliable.

Juliet Bawden, acomplished craft autoher is sharing with us 'How To Make A Gingham Needle Case', simply by re-using an old shirt this quick and easy project will leave you with a handy tool for the safe storage of your needles.

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View our Sewing Solutions sections for printable step x step instructions.

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26 October, 2012, 06:21 AM
The old techniques work just as well as the fresh ones. The deeffrince between the 2 is that the crewel needle has a longer eye than the stitching needle. It's still one of the most used kinds of embroidery today due to its classy basis, colourful effects, and dimensional feel.

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