Korbond To Launch Re-Branded Packaging At 2011 'Stitches' Show

Craft, Hobby & Stitch International 2011 - Korbond Industries Ltd.

There are exciting times ahead for Korbond Industries and their customers as the company launches their re-branded packaging at the Craft Hobby & Stitch International trade show at the NEC 20-22 Feb 2011.

The evolution and modernisation of the new Korbond branding stems from an inherent company vision to continually innovate their offering. The new branding and packaging delivers a softer design as a strategy to ensure that the Korbond haberdashery and clothes care range appeals to a wide audience across multiple sectors.

After conducting a research study and listening to consumer feedback it was deemed that on pack communication was very important, particularly for new users to the category. Korbond have incorporated this feedback into their new designs to increase on pack consumer communication and usage ideas to aid their consumers.

Stuart Caller, Korbond Sales & Marketing Manager stated “We are delighted with the new branding and the packaging design, it is very important to continually innovate and modernise your product offering. I feel that the steps we have taken with the new design reinforce our position within the marketplace as the leading ‘Care & Repair’ brand.”

Throughout this process Korbond have worked very closely with design agency Birchcourt Design Ltd. both companies sharing the vision to better service haberdashery and clothes care customers in the UK grocery market. Richard H C Gower, Managing Director of Birchcourt Design had this to say on the project:

“When Korbond approached us to update their packaging, apart from being thrilled with the opportunity to take their image and product on to the level it deserved, It gave us the opportunity to really study the market areas, the positioning of their products and understanding where Korbond are now and where they wanted to be.

Obviously when designing new packaging we are aware that it is not just a 'pretty picture' and that communication of the Brand and of the pack contents must be clear and concise for the consumer to understand exactly what they are purchasing, for what reason and from whom. Design is not for designs sake! A motto that is embedded in the psyche of all the team at Birchcourt.

Korbond is a well recognised brand both with consumers and competitors alike so it was important that this project retained that level of recognition but also increased the brand awareness in both sectors.

So how did we go about this?...well! We had to first understand the market and the competition, after all a weakness in them is a strength in Korbond. So plenty of audits and store visits were undertaken to study their existing merchandising and that of the competition alike and to see if any inspiration can be gleaned from the merchandising of products in other sectors.

One of the major factors we found was to give more exposure to the brand name it's self. Simply by moving the logo, which was hidden behind the euro slot, and repositioning it to the bottom of the packaging would increase brand awareness tremendously. There were slight tweaks to the colours too just to 'warm' both the corporate yellow and the blue. Then to the design! In basic terms to create a memorable and practical design that would increase awareness and ultimately develop sales ......The rest, as they say, is history!

In the twenty two years that Birchcourt has been producing creative solutions for numerous clients in a variety of industries, we have found working with Korbond a most pleasurable experience. All employees at Korbond believe in their company and the products they produce, a culture which shines through and is a major factor in the development of any brand in any industry.

We feel the whole process has been a professional and enjoyable experience for everyone involved the results speak for themselves.

We look forward to the official launch in the New Year.”

From February 2011 we can expect to see a greater impact from the brand at store level with improved in store theatre and category communication. Consumers will be able to navigate the fixture and range easier and there will be an enhanced accuracy as the merchandising and maintenance of the range becomes easier.

Korbond will be giving us a taste of what’s to come at the up-coming Craft Hobby & Stitch International trade show at the NEC 20-22 Feb 2011, so pop along to their booth D24.

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