Hints & Tips for Halloween

Hints & Tips For Halloween


Halloween....the time of the jack-o’-lantern and trick-or-treating. Every October on all hallows eve many of us take part in activities such as making lanterns out of pumpkins, trick-or-treating and dressing up. Wearing costumes is a popular part of Halloween, as kids go scaring for sweets and treats and adults attend costumes parties. Halloween costumes, traditionally monsters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches and devils are said to be used to scare off demons throughout the one evening of the year when the living and the dead are together again.


It is possible to make Halloween costumes with ease this year, Korbond’s comprehensive range of haberdashery products offer a one stop shop for all your costume making needs. In the current economic climate many are looking for quick, cheap solutions to this year’s Halloween festivities. Available in all major supermarkets it has never been easier to make instead of buy!

Please see below downloadable (PDF) Korbond's Halloween Costume Making Essentials.


Documents available for download:

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