Haberdashery Helps Renovate Ex-Woolworths Stores

Haberdashery Helps Renovate ex Woolworths Stores


With the closure of Woolworths the high street is now lacking a major destination for haberdashery. Regeneration of many of these old sites is needed and entrepreneurs and local businesses have taken up the opportunity to re-open retail outlets in old Woolworth’s premises. The vision is to provide the local communities with many of the items that Woolworths sold and this has led to an increased demand in stocking haberdashery and clothes care.


Haberdashery items are fast becoming core of the new ‘make do and mend trend’, with consumer buying habits and attitudes changing to seek money saving opportunities. Repairing, altering and making clothing and textiles in order to keep the costs down throughout the recession is fast becoming the new fashion. After the closure of Woolworths there is a huge opportunity in the high street for retailers to capitalise on this renewed trend and opportunity in the market place. As a result many stores are contacting Korbond to seek advise how they can stock essential haberdashery items coupled with clothes care across their general retail range.


Small chains and independents such as Yorkshire Trading Company and Alworths are the big winners from the closure of Woolworths, buying into the general retail concept and snapping up old Woolworths stores. A large amount of stores that are being opened in ex-Woolworths premises are re-opened by ex-Woolworths staff who recognise the need for these stores in the local community. There is an immense opportunity for success by filling the gap in the high street for items such as toys, homeware, stationary, garden products, sweets and haberdashery.

Companies such as BK Homewares in Faversham and Wellworths in Dorchester have captalised on the opportunity and have worked close with Korbond to set up a range of haberdashery and clothes care to suit the needs of their customers. The results have been instant and both stores are pleased with the performance of the range; Parminder Baines, Buyer for BK Homewares said:

“We were very impressed by Korbond’s products and customer service. The sales have been tremendous; thanks to Korbond’s immediate delivery service we don’t have to keep a huge amount of stock. I would thoroughly recommend Korbond to any new and existing retailers wishing to stock haberdashery.”

Daniel Roy, Buyer for Wellworths continues:

“Since we have dealt with Korbond, our sales in Haberdashery have increased on a weekly basis. All our customers know that we stock the Korbond range and that it is of top quality and a reasonable price.”

If you would like to capitalise on this opportunity please contact Korbond today to discuss your options.

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