Fashions & Trends - `Growth of SIY`

Fashions & Trends - Growth of 'SIY'


Consumer buying habits are changing, with a return to the ‘make, do and mend’ mentality. More and more consumers are mending, repairing and altering clothing in an attempt to try and save money throughout the current recession.


The haberdashery category has been quoted in many journals and press publications to be seeing growth during the current economic climate, ‘It’s all about improving not moving, with retailers such as John Lewis and Robert Dyas seeing a massive sales boost in haberdashery...’ (Mail Online, 2009). Consumer trends are informing of a renewed interest in craft, mending and altering clothing, this is supported by the reports of significantly increased sewing machines sales. In August 2009 Tesco alone reported sales of ‘…two sewing machines a minute…an increase of 198% on this time last year’ (Guardian, 2009). Argos has also seen an increase, stating that sales of their cheapest model have risen by over 500% (Mail Online, 2009). Whilst the numbers of people taking up sewing and knitting have also increased dramatically over the past months. ‘The rise of SIY – sew-it-yourself – has hit a new high… The Recession has led to a surge in people taking up sewing and knitting.’ (Guardian, 2009)

With less disposable income the throwaway mentality is no longer prominent and consumers are searching for quick fix sewing solutions. Re-using old clothing, either repairing or embellishing to create a cheaper alternative to buying new clothing is fashionable in the market at the moment. This mentality lends itself to current trends with a surge in customisation and embellishment of clothing, ‘To look directional – but individual – crafty customisation is the way to go’ (Mail Online, 2009). There are many ideas, hints and tips flying around on how to get the right look this season; vintage and distressed looks being the ‘in thing’ at the moment.


Consumers of all skill levels, from new entrants to the category, to those with years of experience are searching for sewing products and accessories during this climate. At Korbond we have seen a notable increase in volume across our range of products within our customer base. The growth of the iron on range, such as the Korbond Hemming Web, has seen a particular rise as those new to the category seek a sew free simple solution. The number of product enquiries and consumers contacting us has risen as the mass population embrace the art of sewing and mending once more. 

A new mentality is being adopted..."Alter attitudes, Alter clothing with Korbond".

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