"Care & Repair" Philosophy

Care & Repair Philosophy

David Ogilvy, who became one of the most famous advertising writers in the world, speaking to advertising executives once said “ the consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife”. We at Korbond believe in this comment implicitly and it underlies our approach to business and communications with our customers. In fact it lies behind our decision to place “Care & Repair “as the focus for our products and determined the outlets where the products can be purchased.


Korbond was one of the first haberdashery companies in the world to distribute and sell their products through supermarkets. Prior to this haberdashery was always a planned purchase usually from a high street or a major department store. Consumers instantly recognised the benefits of this and the fact that a Korbond range of products was available for the everyday care & repair needs they faced in caring for their families. The importance of this was also recognised by the major supermarkets who locate our products in very prominent checkout positions within in their stores.

Now, thanks to Korbond, haberdashery no longer has to be a planned purchase. It is always available at your local store.

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