Origin of the Korbond Name - Henry Korski

Korbond! What does the name stand for? Simple really, Korbond is a combination of two words KOR which was part of the founders name KORSKI and BOND. The bond refers to the thermo plastic process that was being developed in the early 60’s for bonding textiles together for use in garment manufacturing and other commercial textile application.

Hence the name Korbond was derived.

Care & Repair Philosophy

David Ogilvy, who became one of the most famous advertising writers in the world, speaking to advertising executives once said “ the consumer isn’t a moron; she is your wife”. We at Korbond believe in this comment implicitly and it underlies our approach to business and communications with our customers. In fact it lies behind our decision to place “Care & Repair “as the focus for our products and determined the outlets where the products can be purchased.

Korbond Attend 2009 Craft Hobby & Stitch International

Korbond Industries Ltd will be showcasing their full portfolio of products and merchandising solutions to the 8000 retailers visiting the show from 15th - 17th February at the NEC, Birmingham.

Success at 2009 Craft Hobby & Stitch International

Last month Korbond Industries Ltd attended the 2009 Craft, Hobby & Stitch International at the NEC Birmingham and are extremely pleased with the positive feedback received. The show proved a huge success attracting an immense amount of interest from enthusiasts, professionals and retailers alike. First time exhibitors Korbond Industries Ltd pulled in the crowds with a fantastic showcase of products.

Korbond Leaflet

Korbond are Pround Sponsors of the Pink Ribbon Foundation 2009

Korbond Industries Ltd are proud to be producing two promotional products from our core range in support of the Pink Ribbon Foundation throughout 2009/10. Korbond’s best selling Lint Rollers & General Purpose Scissors have been spiced up with new hot pink handles for the event.

Pink Ribbon Foundation - Korbond Advert

Fashions & Trends - Growth of 'SIY'


Consumer buying habits are changing, with a return to the ‘make, do and mend’ mentality. More and more consumers are mending, repairing and altering clothing in an attempt to try and save money throughout the current recession.

Haberdashery Helps Renovate ex Woolworths Stores


With the closure of Woolworths the high street is now lacking a major destination for haberdashery. Regeneration of many of these old sites is needed and entrepreneurs and local businesses have taken up the opportunity to re-open retail outlets in old Woolworth’s premises. The vision is to provide the local communities with many of the items that Woolworths sold and this has led to an increased demand in stocking haberdashery and clothes care.

Hints & Tips For Halloween


Halloween....the time of the jack-o’-lantern and trick-or-treating. Every October on all hallows eve many of us take part in activities such as making lanterns out of pumpkins, trick-or-treating and dressing up. Wearing costumes is a popular part of Halloween, as kids go scaring for sweets and treats and adults attend costumes parties. Halloween costumes, traditionally monsters such as ghosts, skeletons, witches and devils are said to be used to scare off demons throughout the one evening of the year when the living and the dead are together again.

Halloween Costume Essentials

Korbond Supprt Poppy Appeal

Korbond Industries Ltd are proud to be affiliated with the Royal British Legion and work closely with them to supply pins for the annual Poppy Appeal.

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