Grantham Museum Embroidery Competition

Korbond Industries
Grantham Museum have announced winners of the Stitched Postcard Challenge on their Facebook page, which Korbond Group sponsored as part of the museum's current exhibition 'Embroidery into the 21st Century'. The worthy winners were chosen by the visitors to the exhibition who voted for their favourite cards.

Christine Robbins, Exhibitions Director stated 'In total we had about 350 votes which we were really pleased with. There was a huge amount of interest in the competition, and people found it really difficult to decide which card to vote for. We event decided to award a second prize in the young stitcher category as the votes were so close'.

  • The adult winner was Margaret Brooke whose card pictured swimming at the Meres, where she has spent many hours with her grandchildren.
  • The young stitcher winner was Katie Ayon-Sergeant who stitched a card with the theme 'My House'.
  • The votes were so close in the young stitcher category, and we decided to award a second prize to Chloe Smith who made a card on the theme of Grantham ROCK (Rescue of cats and kittens).

All the winners said that they were amazed and delighted to have won and Korbond hope the prizes will inspire them to carry out more creative projects in the future.

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