Do you know a mum that is worthy of the title Supermum?

Korbond Industries

Here at Korbond we appreciate that being a mum is one of the most challenging but most rewarding jobs. We are giving you a chance to nominate another mum as recognition for the great job they do!

  • Does she help out you out with the school run when you are at work?
  • Is she the best listener who gives lots of parenting support and advice?
  • Can she create the best last minute fancy dress costume in the blink of an eye when you have forgotten that your little one is attending a party at the weekend?
  • Does she keep you sane whilst you are both waiting for the kids to finish swimming club?

Not only are mums expert multi-taskers, they are always on hand to mend and repair just about anything with a trusty needle and thread!

If you know a mum that is doing an amazing job and deserves recognition enter our competition on our Facebook page for the chance to win a Korbond Essential Back To School Kit as shown above (worth over £15) to get help to get prepared for the new school term. To enter the competition, simply tag your chosen Supermum in the comments of any of the ‘Supermum’ posts you see to register your nomination (e.g @Joe Bloggs). Please feel free to comment why you have chosen your selected mum, we would love to know!


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